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About Us

"For those who begin thinking about their next cup of coffee, before they've finished their last."

What we do - Kyoco Coffee Company specialises in high quality, full flavour coffee blends in a variety of grinds, to give you that Kyoco Coffee feeling every time. Our collection will also be expanding to include other items over time, such as teas, syrups and drinking chocolate, so do keep checking back.

Why we do it - We are so excited to bring you our hand selected coffee which not only tastes but looks good, our packaging and labels are designed to be seen, and we want to create a brand you are proud to feature on your kitchen counter! We are a very new company so we will be building on this as we grow, which will only be possible with your support. So for any and all orders, engagement and feedback we thank you. 

Stay tuned, we have big plans for the Kyoco brand which goes beyond coffee! Of course quality will always be at the heart of everything we do, but we would love to blend it (see what we did there?) with our passion to stand out and make an impact.

A whole latte love,

Kyoco Coffee Company